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Our Services

Covy’s Shared Housing Foundation offers an affordable, safe and secure environment for people with at-risk housing needs. We provide a level 2 alcohol/drug-free residence for men, women and women with children.

CSHF offers housing for people who have difficulty obtaining safe, affordable housing:

  1. Low Income

  2. Veterans

  3. Ex-Offenders

  4. Trafficked Women

  5. Aged Out Of Foster Care

  6. Seniors

  7. Other Special Needs Populations

Residents will find Covy's shared housing foundation to be a life-affirming experience with access to numerous resources and our caring, empathetic environment.

Do you need a place to call home?

Look no further. Covy's shared housing foundation is here to help people in special situations, Let us help you to establish a solid foundation while on your road to independence.






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